[xml] Unable to validate a dtd using libxml


I am unable to validate any dtd using libxml. Used description provided
by you in a mailing list to validate dtd.

The dtd file(winfodtd.txt) and related error messages(error message.txt)

are attached. Can you please point out the problem with my input? Any
help will be appreciated.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="US-ASCII" ?>
<!--Draft DTD for Watcher info. -->
<!-- Watcherinfo element: document root -->
<!ELEMENT watcherinfo (resource*)>
<!-- Resource element: describes one resource being watched -->
<!ELEMENT resource (watcher*)>
<!ATTLIST resource uri        CDATA  #REQUIRED>
                   package    CDATA  #REQUIRED>
<!-- Watcher element: describes one entity watching -->
<!ELEMENT watcher    CDATA>
<!ATTLIST watcher    uri              CDATA                     #REQUIRED
                     status (pending|active|waiting|terminated) #REQUIRED
                     event (subscribe|approved|deactivated|probation
                          |rejected|timeout|giveup|noresource)  #REQUIRED
                     duration CDATA                             #IMPLIED
                     expiration CDATA                           #IMPLIED
                     first-subscribed CDATA                     #IMPLIED>
winfodtd.txt:4: error: SAX.elementDecl(watcherinfo) called while not in subset
<!ELEMENT watcherinfo (resource*)>
winfodtd.txt:6: error: SAX.elementDecl(resource) called while not in subset
<!ELEMENT resource (watcher*)>
winfodtd.txt:7: error: SAX.attributeDecl(uri) called while not in subset
<!ATTLIST resource uri        CDATA  #REQUIRED>
winfodtd.txt:8: error: Extra content at the end of the document
                   package    CDATA  #REQUIRED>
Error parsing XML input

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