[xml] comparing a xmlchar with a char


maybe it is explained somewhere, I did not find anything about
my problem. I want to compare a char from a node (xmlChar)
 with a char, which I retrieve from a gtk-menuitem.

static gboolean check_translation_lang(xmlNodePtr xmlnode,
                                       char *trans_lang){
        char *char_node_trans;

        <irrelevant code snipped> 

        char_node_trans = xmlGetProp(xmlnode, "language");

        if(g_strcasecmp(char_node_trans, trans_lang) == NULL){
                <irrelevant code snipped again>.
                return TRUE;
        return FALSE;

If I try to compile this, the compiler says:
editor.c: In function `check_translation_lang':
editor.c:399: warning: comparison between pointer and integer

The same thing  happens if I try to compile that with a 
        if(strcmp(char_node_trans, trans_lang) == NULL)

Can someone explain this to me? Why does the compiler mentions a
integer? How can I get this problem fixed?

Thanks in advance


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