[xml] xmlNewTextChild

Hi all,
        I have most probably got the wrong end of the stick here, but I've checked 
the buglist, the archive, and I am using libxml 2.4.22, and am still stuck 

        As the subject suggests, I am having trouble getting libxml to make new text 
nodes - I've tracked my problem down to the libxml source code. Why, in 
xmlNewTextChild(4) is the type of the newly created node set to 
XML_ELEMENT_NODE (tree.c, line 1598) and not XML_TEXT_NODE, as xmlNewText(1) 
does (tree.c, line 1543).

        Perhaps I am using the wrong function for what I want to do, or something 
else daft :) But if so, what function do I need to call in order to make a 
new node of type XML_TEXT_NODE with a specified parent node?

If this is blindingly obvious, my humble apologies..
Best regards,

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