Re: [xml] UTF8Toisolat1() usage

"Christophe" == Christophe Bourez <chrisbee xml swing be> writes:

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    > From: \"Geert Kloosterman\" <geertk ai rug nl>
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    > Sent: Monday, June 03, 2002 4:09 PM
    > Subject: [xml] UTF8Toisolat1() usage

    >> Hi all,
    >> How can I convert the result from xmlNodeListGetString() to
    >> iso-8859-1?
    >> I think I have to use UTF8Toisolat1(), but it isn't exactly clear to
    >> me how to use the function with respect to memory allocation.  Do I
    >> need to supply a buffer that's large enough myself, or does the
    >> function allocate it for me?

    > You can deduce the answer from the function prototype.  If the
    > function allocates memory for you, you need to know the address
    > of the allocated buffer. Thus the function should take an
    > address to pointer (or a pointer to a pointer) where to put the
    > address of the new allocated buffer. Since the function takes a
    > pointer to the memory (by value), the pointer cannot be changed
    > by the function, and, logically, you must pre-allocate the
    > buffer.

    > Hope this explanation is clear and helps,

Yes, it is clear and helps.  Thanks.  


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