RE: [xml] UTF8Toisolat1() usage

Hi Geert, all,

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Subject: [xml] UTF8Toisolat1() usage

Hi all,

How can I convert the result from xmlNodeListGetString() to

I think I have to use UTF8Toisolat1(), but it isn't exactly clear to
me how to use the function with respect to memory allocation.  Do I
need to supply a buffer that's large enough myself, or does the
function allocate it for me?


It's been a while that i've looked at the corresponding code,
but i'm quite sure that "UTF8Toisolat1()" won't handle the buffer
size for you.
You can use "xmlCharEncOutFunc()" (get the encoding handler using
"xmlGetCharEncodingHandler()") to convert from UTF-8 to ISO-8859-1,
it uses xmlBuffer for in/out parameters and handles the buffer size.

Ciao, Markus

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