Re: [xml] Available encodings in libxml2

Daniel Veillard:
  the default supported natively by libxml2 are:
    - UTF8
    - UTF16
    - ISO-8859-1

Now if compiled with iconv support then you can add the list of encodings
it can handle, the best is (on linux) to use the command line:
gnome:~ -> iconv --list

Hmm.  Looks like mine isn't linked with libiconv.

There is no function at the libxml2 API level to return such list, maybe
it's part of iconv API.

A couple of weirdnesses though on trying the xmlParseCharEncoding
function.  If I call


it returns XML_CHAR_ENCODING_UTF8 as expected.

However, calling


returns XML_CHAR_ENCODING_ERROR even though I can call

  xmlSaveFileEnc("-", xml_dest, "ASCII")

and it works.

The way I can tell if the encoding doesn't actually work is if I try to
save with that encoding and see if xmlSaveFileEnc returns an error code.
But this means I can't tell if there was an error because the encoding
wasn't available or because the file couldn't be written for some other


Cameron McCormack
  // clm csse monash edu au
  // icq 26955922

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