RE: Re[2]: [xml] gjobread example

You need to link against libxml2, just like you would on unix.


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When I use "gcc -S gjobread.c" which do compile and assemble only, it
did work. If I use "gcc -o gjobread gjobread.c", it failed. What
parameter shall I use?

Thank you for your help.

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"Robert Collins" <robert collins syncretize net> wrote: 

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I can compile and assemble gjobread.c, but when I try to 
link it, the
following message reports. anyone can help me about it?

btw: I am using cgywin and its building libxml
/cygdrive/d/Temp/cc7kARhf.o(.text+0xe5):gjobread.c: undefined 
reference to `xmlN


What is the link command line you are using?


Vidar <vidar xinhuanet com>

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