RE: [xml] NAN problems on Win32

 Lemme do a wild bet, the problem will disapear.

Not such a safe bet this time :)

Look at the xmlXPathStringEvalNumber() code and the #ifdef __GNUC__
code fragment. 
  Can I ask you to try with that part of the code segment compiled
with the gcc patch activated and optimization turned on as in the
existing shipped code.

Tried and no luck.  Also the non-optimized debug build also didn't work.

Is your client using a Celeron too ?

Not sure what this is:  x86 Family 6 Model 8 Stepping 10.  All their
machines tested exhibit this problem and are all the same Dell GX150 so it
could be PIII or Celeron

Client is now unavailable until Monday, but said I could possibly dial-in to
work with it first hand.  Will try to follow up then.


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