RE: [xml] NAN problems on Win32

 Did you changed your compiler ? Or is that the same binary which
fails on one system and works on others ? Do you have a way to check
that systems have a similar setup ?

No, compiler hasn't changed, everyone gets the same binary.  I have had a
few reports of crashes of my program from various people.  Only the latest
version of my program has the crash handler that generates that log with the
stack trace, so I cannot be sure that they had the exact same problem.  If I
receive more logs I should know.   The ironic thing about your 3rd question
is that my program is a software support program that gathers information
about a clients system so we can understand what they have installed, among
other things :)  

 First the XPath code can push the floating point/integer mix of
instructions to the point of breaking the compiler (I happened to
raise such a problem in gcc/i386 with it). This can also exhibit
system/drivers bugs if FP are not saved/restored properly. And the
last possibility is flacky hardware (or overheating which can generate
similar hazards). The fact that NaN and infinity values can be frequently
used by the XPath engine, while they are not common in usual code
can also increase the probability of troubles. However they
should not show up as indexes in a node set :-\

The pseudo-code that causes the problem looks something like like:

val = xmlXPathEval(ctxt,_X"COLSET/*"); /* _X is shorthand for BAD_CAST */
int nCols = (int) xmlXPathCastToNumber(val);

It crashes before xmlXPathCastToNumber() returns.  This happens both if val
contains nodes or is an empty node-set.  For this reason I am quite sure
that it is not NAN/INF issue directly.

One interesting note:  trionan returns different values for them as for me.
For me pinf/pinf returns NAN, whereas it returns 0 for them.

I have just sent them a debug build of libxml2, which should disable any
optimization.  I'll keep the list posted as to the results.

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