[xml] xmlFreeString routine needed

Hello Daniel,

I have a problem to free a pchar, that was allocated by one of
your routines, within pascal on windows:

function TGDOMElement.getAttribute(const name: DOMString): DOMString;
  name1: String;
  temp1: pchar;
  //FreeMem(temp1) // this line crashes on windows, but works on linux

The problem is a memory leak of about the size of the returned string.

I think that we need a routine within your library, that frees a string,
that was allocated within your library.

Delphi uses it's own memory manager, so I can't use the freemem 
routines from Delphi, to free a pchar that was created within the dll.

Any idea?

I asked Petr already, but he didn't knows how to do it yet.

Best regards:

Uwe Fechner

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