Re: [xml] xmlCopyDtd() does not copy the children of the DTD node...

Ok, I'm working on fixing xmlCopyDtd(), hopefully I'll have something
working soon. Until then, here are a few bugfixes that my hacking around
have turned up:

patch1 - xmlCopyAttribute() does not set cur->type, and does not copy

patch2 - in xmlSetTreeDoc() don't try and update the properties of a non-
         element node. Am I right in thinking only XML_ELEMENT_NODEs will
         have properties? Also, why do we not update a XML_ENTITY_DECL?
         I'll need to do this eventually, and it would be useful if I could
         use xmlSetTreeDoc()...

patch3 - NULL pointer check in xmlGetDtdEntity(). I also noticed that
         the documentation and naming for xmlGetDtdEntity() suggest it will
         behave like all the other xmlGetDtd* functions (in valid.c), ie.
         taking a xmlDtdPtr as the first argument. Perhaps the documention
         could be changed to make this a bit clearer?


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