[xml] Idea


I'm quite beginner to xml (I created some simple programs with libxml1
and looked a little bit into the headers),
so I hope, this is not too much totaly off-topic. 

I have an idea about compiling xml's into binary form. It would mean creating
a program, that would parse xml and output .c source exactly in the form the
xml is represented in memory. It would then be either compiled into shared object,
or statically into the program itself.

What would be benefits of it?
1) More security- consider servers/cgi-scripts with statical data (statically linked)
- there would be no way fooling you by inserting fake xml's (or even inserting
xml's that could cause - possibly- buffer ovveruns etc.)
2) Better performance (sometimes) - since- if I uderstand what OS does well- the
object would be practically 'mmaped', you would only load that parts of your xml,
you really need (besides - no time taken for parsing).

So my question is - would such concept be possible, and acceptable as part of
official xml?



P.S. sorry for my english

Petr Tomasek, http://www.etf.cuni.cz/~tomasek/

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