[xml] Using xmlCatalogResolveSystem

Hi all,

Since we went to the trouble of getting xsldbg notified of entites included 
via the doc's DTD. I though it would be good to print them out and allow the 
user to inspect the entites. I initialy only was using the entiies URI 
(ignoring the ExternalID) but this didn't quite work

What I was trying to do is for a "public" entity findout what URI the 
SystemID maps to. For example given a loaded document with a preamble of 
-----------cut ------------
<!DOCTYPE book PUBLIC "-//KDE//DTD DocBook XML V4.1-Based Variant V1.0//EN" 


do a    
--------cut ----------------
        uri = xmlCatalogResolveSystem("dtd/kdex.dtd");


But NULL was always being returned for a public entity. I've attached a patch 
for this problem. Please note this patch will have no effect on the 
resolution of  an entity when a PublicID is provided. 

I have change my implementation so that the user sees the PublicID so this 
patch is just a wish.



Keith Isdale

k_isdale tpg com au | xsldbg stylesheet debugger  

Attachment: catalog.diff
Description: system lookup fix

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