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Well you asked about API additions where the encoding of the
string passed to the API would be context dependant, [...]
Oh, never knew that i've such undecent wishes at all... 8) 

and in my opinion it really a bad idea.
I have been beaten with something similar in 
libxml1 and I will never forget it !
Wasn't my intention to bring up bad memories!
[...] If Bjorn doesn't react I would do this.

[...] There is still 3 references in xmlIO.c,
globals.c and xmlcatalog.c . It seems at least the first one 
would need
to be fixed.
The one in globals.c had made trouble when build on MPE, maybe
you could fix it too?

and several missing 'static' modifier, but that's rather

  Where ? Might be already fixed in 2.4.13 ... or not.
These are the two i know for shure, maybe there are more...

AFAIK you've confirmed the patches/proposals (havn't had the
time to look at the CVS snapshots or version 2.4.13 by now).

  I'm sure 2.4.13 integrated most of them.

  No idea about this. Either your make is more pedantic than gnu make
or the Makefile generation failed in mysterious ways.
I would bet on the last...
  modifying configure is not reusable, it's generated.

I'm shure that this is a ugly hack, maybe one could make
this more elegant (conditional)...

  what's the platform informations reported by configure ?
shell/iX> ./configure
loading cache ./config.cache
checking host system type... hppa1.0-hp-mpeix
That's what you mean?

OK, i'll write down the things i've done to build libxml
on MPE and send it to the list. Maybe some steps already
are or will be obsolet, we'll see...

  Okay, thanks !
Oh, i'm glad if i could contribute a poco, since i'm mostly
just benefit from libxml.
Probably i'll need some days to draft my stuff...


Ciao, Markus

Mit freundlichen Gruessen - Kind regards
Markus Henke

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