Re: [xml] 2.4.12: generic timing diffs


Curses. Sorry about that. I've repled on bugzilla; brief summary is that I
believe the addition of time.h as an include within the _MSC_VER
should fix it.

I don't have access to VC++, but believe that this is correct. Igor will
obviously know better than I if that's totally wrong :-)

That is right. I actually did that locally but forgot to include the damn
thing in the patch I last sent. I'll now make the 2.4.13 binary and see if
more needs to be fixed.

There was a second issue which appears at the bottom of the error report;
that of requiring 'stdarg functions'. These are required to display the
error message in a formatted manner by calling vsprintf.

I included a further comment on this in the bugzilla report also. As
stdarg.h is required for error.c, HAVE_STDARG_H should probably be
included in the win32config.h file.

My comments are based on retaining the HAVE_STDARG_H define. If stdarg is
to be guarenteed to be present and that libxml2 will not function without
it, then this might be redundant - I can fix up the code if necessary to
remove these conditionals.

This is also correct, and it suffers from the same memory leak I seem to
have in my head at the moment :-) HAVE_STDARG_H should be defined in

I'll post the diffs shortly.


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