Re: [xml] A generic way to add user data to nodes?

On Tue, Jan 15, 2002 at 08:52:27AM +0000, Gary Pennington wrote:
topically enough...

I think that there is a bug in xmlStaticCopyNode. (version libxml2-2.4.12)

  and should be in 2.4.13 too.

Here's the scenario, I build up a tree and store application specific 
data in _private. I then copy that tree elsewhere and try to use the 
application specific data, however _private is now NULL.

I know it isn't NULL before it's copied and I really need that data 
after the copy. Should xmlStaticCopyNode copy the value of _private? (I 
think it should).

  well I just gave a similar example where based on the XSLT spec semantic
it is clear xmlStaticCopyNode should not copy it (holding the xslt key
from the document node in _private).
  We are both right in our own use. There is 2 possible distinct semantics
and to avoid API explosion only a class based approach as suggested by
Simon would handle this correctly. But it's a large enhancement of the
set of API.


Daniel Veillard      | Red Hat Network
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