Re: [xml] win32 thread safety patch

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From: "Serguei Narojnyi" <serguein opencola com>

it's too personal, if you don't want to use native threads - don't, if
don't want to use native apis - don't (use cygnus), use wine if you
wish, or
don't use anything windows-related at all. some people might not like
idea of having another .dll to drag around or they might be personally
offended by pthreads or they might not like the issue with having
extra codebase that can have potential bugs and so on and so forth,
open source is all about having a choice in the end? i see no harm in
providing easily maintainable, extremly small bit of code that someone
find useful.

Sure. I was simply offering it up for comparison, and from what I'm
hearing, no such comparison has been done. *shrug*. Personally I use
Cygwin (BTW: Cygnus no longer exists) and/or mingw depending on the
project. I've never actually use the project I referred you to.

p.s. generic tests are only what they are - generic tests.



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