[xml] Debugging included entites

Hi all,

I mention that I've been having trouble debgging document entities. There 
seems to be now way arround it other than get a small amount of code added to 
libxml2  to allow me to know when enties are refenced, 

The notification that I get from libxml is via the function 
xmlAddEntityReference. Which has parameters of
   1) Entity declation being refernced
   2) The first node in the copy of the entity refenced 
   3) The last node in the copy of the entity refenced  

File    enties,c                
Line:  4 - 16
Reason : The functions I hook into, this uses the callback mechanism so 
conform with other libml code

File parser.c
Line :  60 - 113
Reason : no matter what I did I could get rid of these misleading diff 
chunks. To be ignored  

File: parse.c
Line : 114 - 133
Reason : When an entity is first resolved I need to be advised

File parse.c
Line:  134 - 169 
Reason : For each subsiquent reference I need to be advised,  At the time  
xmlAddEntityReference is called the "new" variable will contain the last node 
copied from entity

File : tree.c
Line: 177 - 193
Reason : Misleading diff chunk to be ignored

File : tree..c
Line :  194 - 205
Reason :  When copying a entity I need to know the line number that applied 
to each of the original xml elements.   

File entites.h
Line : 214 -
Reason : Declare the extra functions and data type that are needed

This has been tested and works on a small scale. The implemation on the 
xsldbg side is complex . I'm having difficulties dertmining the very bottom 
node in the entity reference.   It translates the entity references (that it 
was notified of) to an unique line number range within the "master" document 
. And then determines which "line number offset" applied to what entities as 
needed.  xsldbg is able to debug small included documents but fails on large, 
complex inclusion. This probably is due to bugs in the xsldbg code. So at 
this stage I'd rather it not be commited to cvs. 

I'd like to receive comments on this proposed change.



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Description: patch for debugging include entities

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