Re: [xml] Bug xmlDocDumpMemory

Marco, Marco, gather your tears and provide some more contextual information, eh? :-)

What is "doc", what is "bufptr" and what is "size"?

I believe you should be using &bufptr, because I believe your bufptr is a pointer to buffer, not a pointer to a pointer to a buffer.

If I am wrong, then provide a small but complete code example, possibly without bugs of its own, which demonstrates the error.


spinmar interfree it wrote:
Maybe (I hope no) I have found a bug which has taken me to teers.

My system is:

RH 7.1
glibc 2.2.4
gcc version 2.96 20000731 (Red Hat Linux 7.3 2.96-110)

I have discovered that when I exec

xmlDocDumpMemoryEnc(doc, bufptr, &size,"ISO-8859-1");

I obtain a segmentation fault!!!!!

This is very strange because the same code on RH8 and RH7.2 is ok.

How can I do to obtain a chrar* (iso 8859-1) from my doc withput xmlDocDumpMemory?

Please help me bacause we have to exit with the service!!

Thanks very much.


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