[xml] UTF-8 to UTF-8 conversion problem

I'm attempting to get mod-python playing  nicely with mod-xslt. 
mod-xslt uses libxslt2, and works very well on static files.  When I
started feeding it (UTF-8 encoded) dynamic content from mod-python, I
started to recieve the following errors in httpd.conf:

mod-xslt: added document parameters
mod-xslt: starting transformation of /var/www/html/test
mod-xslt: transforming with file:///var/www/html/skins/x/default.xslt
mod-xslt: applied stylesheet
mod-xslt: charset = UTF-8
mod-xslt: found encoder
mod-xslt: created output-buffer
mod-xslt: xmlCharEncOutFunc: no output function !
mod-xslt: xmlOutputBufferFlush: encoder error
mod-xslt: wrote eos-bucket to result-brigade

These seem to be the best indicator of the failure:

mod-xslt: xmlCharEncOutFunc: no output function !
mod-xslt: xmlOutputBufferFlush: encoder error

Looking in the libxml source, I can see this comes from
xmlCharEncOutFunc, in the event that both handler->output and
handler->iconv_out are null.

I believe the output is set to null in xmlInitCharEncodingHandlers, with
the following line:

xmlNewCharEncodingHandler("UTF-8", NULL, NULL);

It appears that converting UTF-8 to UTF-8 (which libxslt2 uses
internally) causes an error condition.  Should there be a UTF8ToUTF8
"nop" function, or is this better fixed another way?

BTW, googling, I also ran across this message from Phillip Dunkel (the
author of mod_xslt, who has not answered my mail yet) from September 02.


It appears he has run across the same problem.

If anyone needs my apache configuration, python scripts, or the location
of mod_xslt's source, please let me know.  I think the problem is
probably easily reproducable in a much simpler environment by someone
more familiar with the libxml codebase, though.

Thanks for your time.

  - Scott Russell

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