[xml] libXml: Documentation & functionality

Hello xmlsoft people,
I am a Java developer. just heard about libXml capabilities. I have done some
C programming in my college days using Turbo C. So I am very much used to
the <Ctrl+F1> help on keywords of Turbo C. And from the past two years have
been browsing through the Sun Javadoc for help on J2SE/J2EE API help.
Actually i was looking for a javadoc style or MSDN style (chm) help for the libXml.
(Something of a kind that is available on www.php.net for the browsing thru PHP APIs)
Can you please provide me with the information on where can i get such an API
documentation for libXml. I am finding a hard time browsing through the API
documentation provided at www.xmlsoft.org. I would be pleased if i get a downloadable
copy of API documentation of libXml that is easy to browse through (MSDN like keyword
I would please want you people to help me in this regard, coz i am spending all my time
just browsing through the API (arranged alphabetically and not by functionality) and thus
am not able to even startup with simple tasks such as creating an XML using libXml or
executing some XPath queries on an XML document as i am not at all aware of the functinons
that make it happen. Going thru the tutorials is a tough job too, as they dont cover all the
functions available.
One more thing i would like to ask is that whether libXml is capable of such a thing like i write
a C program in plain ANSI C that makes use of libXml and then use the same code for various
platforms such as win/*nix/solaris etc.
Hoping for a positive reply form you
- Regards,
Amit Nahar
Software Engineer
Aftek Infosys Limited
p.s. I am not asking you to create an API documentation according to my customized need.
Just that if you know any that already exits, do let me know

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