[xml] "detached" DTD's

I'm using the xmlsec library ( http://www.aleksey.com/xmlsec/ ), an
application built on top of libXML and OpenSSL to do the XML
signature and encryption standards.  I'm trying to verify some signatures
created by the IBM xss4j package; in particular, the WS-Security
standard, which puts a signature in a SOAP Header, and signs
data in the SOAP Body.

Whew, that's lots of jargon.  The issue is pretty simple.  I'm
having problems verifying messages because libXML doesn't know
        <Content id='body'> ...
id is of type ID, and that earlier on I can do
        <dsig:Reference URI='#body'/>

I think the most general solution is to have an external DTD that identifies
the ID attributes, and then load or verify after loading, the XML document
against that.

Any ideas?

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