Re: [xml] Extracting multiple XML fragments of the same type

Hi Daniel!

Thanks for your quick reply!

On Fri, 23 Aug 2002, Daniel Veillard wrote:

  No, the goal is to prepare a copy to be plugged in the target document,
  Your code has to plug the result in the document at the proper place.

OK, but don't the API docs on xmlDocCopyNode() read

Do a copy of the node to a given document.

Following your suggestion, do I have to use something like

doc = xmlNewDoc( "1.0" );
newNode = xmlDocCopyNode( curNode, doc, 1 );
doc->children = newNode;

in my code? (curNode points to a fragment of the original document, and 
I would like to create a new document containing only the fragment
curNode currently points to.) But I must admit that I don't
understand the meaning (and the necessity) of the doc parameter in
xmlDocCopyNode(). To me, it seems it is only used for making


to a new document (at least that's the impression I got from debugging my 

Please enlighten me on this issue. Thanks a lot!

Kind regards,


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