Re: [xml] Uuugly warnings

Gianni Mariani wrote:

So, I get the following output when I try to open a file using xmlParseFile.

warning: failed to load external entity "system_config.xml"

This is the code chunk

 warningSAXFunc        l_warning = xmlDefaultSAXHandler.warning;
 errorSAXFunc          l_error = xmlDefaultSAXHandler.error;

 xmlDefaultSAXHandler.error = 0;
 xmlDefaultSAXHandler.warning = 0;

 doc = xmlParseFile(_filename.c_str());

 xmlDefaultSAXHandler.error = l_error;
 xmlDefaultSAXHandler.warning = l_warning;

It seems that this problem is unique to windows.

nope - this is not unique to windoze.  My mistake ...

So what's the Right(TM) way to send all warnings to the bit bucket ?


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