[xml] Catalog Loader extended for http://

Hi all,

I didn't file this as a bug/enhancement report as I think it's probably worth some discussion before.

I recently realized that libxml2's Catalog resolving mechanism does load (nested) Catalogs w/ "fopen()", thus 
being limited to the local file system. Would it be possible to use libxml2's EntityLoader mechanism to use 
also remote (http://) Catalogs? And could Daniel (or whoever is in charge of the catalog.c) include this in a 
future version?

Possible use for such an extended Catalog loader can be that a web server dynamically creates such a catalog 
for a Revision System repository (cvs, subversion, ... ), including version numbers, or that one can access 
remote files, including XML sources, by specifying an URI or whatever that will resolve by using a dynamic 
list of files on the server [etc.]. I think, you should get the point.

A sample SGML Catalog could then look like:

*** snip /etc/sgml/catalog ***
CATALOG "~/catalog"
CATALOG "http://myserver/catalog.cgi"; 
CATALOG "http://myserver/catalog"; 
*** snip /etc/sgml/catalog ***

I am also interested to know if others would like to see such an extension or if I am the only one to use 
remote catalog files :-D And if I got something wrong, then let me know!

Thanks & kind regards,
johann richard
Johann Richard
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