Re: [xml] Build DOM tree manually from ASCII file and getting data into xmlChar

On Wed, Jul 31, 2002 at 02:44:03PM -0600, Steve Williams wrote:

I am reading a (non-xml) file and building the DOM tree manually using 
xmlNewDoc, xmlNewDocNode, xmlNewChild (per the sample on the web site).

I am confused how I get input that I read into a char * array into an 
xmlChar* buffer...

  xmlChar * means an array of char encoded in UTF-8

Right now, I am using BAD_CAST to force the issue, but I need to do it 

  This is fine if you're sure it's ASCII

"right" for deployment as I may be getting french characters in the 
input file...

  French characters (well accented ones for example) are not in ASCII
but probably in ISO Latin 1, use the following function to convert them
before passing the strings to the API:
  isolat1ToUTF8(unsigned char* out, int *outlen,
                const unsigned char* in, int *inlen) {


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