Re: [xml] String Literals in XPath

On Tue, Apr 23, 2002 at 04:00:39PM +0100, Richard Jinks wrote:

Whilst writing a couple of our own extension functions for XPath, I've found
my self needing to use nested quotes within string literals in XPath

I've just done a quick scan of the XPath 2.0 working draft, and the
associated W3C comments mailing list, and it found a comment suggesting that
they are considering allowing you to double up quotes, i.e.
'He said "I didn''t"' (the example as used in the post).

I've already tweaked my copy of libxml (needed to modify
xmlXPathParseLiteral() and xmlXPathCompLiteral()) to handle this case, and
was wondering if there would be interest in me submitting a patch so that it
could be included in libxml?

   Hum, that's annoying. That means a conformance breakage. On the other
hand such a patch shall not be lost. I suggest you send it to the list for
archival first, and then people discuss whether this shall be integrated or


Daniel Veillard      | Red Hat Network
veillard redhat com  | libxml GNOME XML XSLT toolkit | Rpmfind RPM search engine

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