Re: [xml] Pull parser termination

On Wed, 2002-04-10 at 11:37, Daniel Veillard wrote:
  Just in case you're interested it's discussed on the topic of 
an IETF draft on XML guidelines:
 Thanks Daniel for this pointer. You just touched some issues i'm facing
dealing with TCP/IP connections.
 I'm writing a SOAP toolkit (with libxml of course) and the "document
ending" problem appears twice :
1) The client POSTs an XML doc to the server (the SOAP request). Since I
can't rely on the client providing a content-length HTTP header and
obviously the TCP connection is not closed I have to use a trick. All
the implementations I know of use the endDocument SAX event to sync.
2) The server sends back the SOAP response to the client. If I want to
use HTTP/1.1 i'll have to use the same method as in 1). If I use
HTTP/1.0 I can sync the end of parsing with the shut down of the TCP
connection (not nice, but working with nanohttp for instance).

 My preference goes to something that do not rely on the HTTP version.
That's why I was wondering if the use of a custom endDocument callback
for my sax handler was a brain dead solution.

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