Re: [xml] Can I add an htmlElemDesc

On Fri, Sep 21, 2001 at 02:53:18PM -0700, Bill Moseley wrote:

Next question.  When parsing HTML can I add an htmlElemDesc?  I'd like to
be able to define new tags so that I don't get a warning such as "Tag foo

  Hum, you can't in libxml.

html40ElementTable is static const non modififiable.
You can avoid the warning, but that warning is there for a good reason,
HTML is not designed to be extensible (some SGML'ers may flame me for
saying so but it is true for HTML as most people uses it - an ubiquitous
presentation format).

I think if you need an extensible format, then XML is what you're looking
for. If you still need the ubiquity of HTML, use XHTML and build more complex
solution on top (see the recent work on XHTML-1.1 at


(Daniel -- thanks for all the help.  On on the bottom of the learning curve
and trying hard to not ask too many dumb questions...  Thanks for your
great work!)

  No problem.
Note to people on the list, I'm moving in the next few days, so if
you don't get an answer, well be patient. And try to answer to questions
if you can :-)


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