[xml] xml+gcc3 partialy fixed

Sorry for the cross-posting, but i believe it is usefull for both lists.
Sorry^2 if this is known, but I did not find it somewhere.

For a month I could not compile kde 2.2 or 2.2.1. The problem occured
when it was trying to compile the documents. I believed that this was a KDE
problem, so i searched kde bug list. I've seen than someone else had the same
problem. Finaly I've found what is the problem and how to bypass it.

The problem occurs when compiling libxml2 using gcc 3 (3.0 and 3.0.1). 
As the documents in libxml2 say: "It seems the initial release of gcc-3.0
has a problem with the optimizer which miscompiles the URI module."

After reading this, I compiled the entire libxml2 and recompiled uri.c without
any optimization (-O0). This solved the problem and the test succeeded. 
Now I'm compiling kde 2.2.1 without having the problems I had. 

As you problably know, it is possible to compile libxml2 without optimizing
anything, by simply doing:
export CFLAGS=-O0
before running configure.


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