RE: [xml] A few Windows specific issues

 I like this kind of solutions :-)

Oh, I love them as well :-)


  hum ... how many software expect those to work ? Is that a 
convention ?

The first seems to be, well not a standard, but a convention for
specifying an absolute path in URI notation, if the file in on a Windows
machine. The second and the third I haven't seen yet. I just tried it
out to see what happens.

  ??? fopen() lauch IE ???

Yes. I wrote a three-line programme out of hope, but to no avail.
fopen() launches the programme registered to handle the specified file
type. Open action for XML files is handled by IE on my machine. If you
specify a text file, fopen() launches Notepad. Additionally, fopen()
blocks the calling programme until after the launched application has
finished. When it returns, it returns (FILE*)0. I have not found a way
to influence this.

  Status quo except for the file://c|/ notation which may have to be
supported if it's the satndard way to do this.

It seems to be a common way, but I have never seen a XML document with
an absolute path specification in it. It is a rare way. 99% of the time
people use relative paths, unless the URI refers to something other than


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