Re: [xml] libxml2.dll on W9x


the DomXML module for PHP, is still VERY experimental, even on Unices.
I don't even understand it's in the distribution, since the things that
are supported, create various errors under heavy load and those that
are not are those you need to actually make your application

You're better off using the expat extention and if you need to create
a tree, or use Dom-like methods, try Perl.

If all you're doing is parsing XML into HTML, I recommend using the
XSLT extention, since that will give you much more control.

Sterling Hughes has cleaned up the extension and is even working
on a LibXSLT backend.

At 20:31 25-10-01, you wrote:

I´ve tried to get the php -> libxml2.dll :


But I never got it to work :

I get this error in the browser:
"Call to undefined function: xmldocfile() "

Other DOM XML functions works fine...

How do I get libxml2.dll to work ?

Greets, Mads Østerby

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