Re: [xml] Parsing given a file handler

Meanwhile I used the ``push''-method described on the xmlsoft-homepage
(``Invoking the parser'').
Is your method more efficient?


"Henke, Markus" wrote:

Meyer, David wrote:

Is it possible to parse an XML file given a file handler (could be either
stdin or a textfile)?

I think it should be possible to retrieve the filedscriptor

  fd = fileno(filehdl);

and create an I/O-parsercontext

  ctxt = xmlCreateIOParserCtxt(NULL, NULL, readCallback, closeCallback,
(void *) &fd, XML_CHAR_ENCODING_NONE);

(e.g.; see documentation for this...).
Then you can parse

  parseResult = xmlParseDocument(ctxt);

the document.

Hope that helps!

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