[xml] hi there :) AIX question


I'm trying to create a SOAP service on an AIX machine. It is running a
webserver and the administrator has given me cgi-execute permissions on a
directory, but I don't have the ability to install packages/software...
except that which I compile myself. I tried to compile SOUP (the Ximian SOAP
implementation based on libxml) but to do that I need libxml, so I tried
compiling that, and for libxml I need libz, but I can't find a source
distribution on libz. Has anyone had any luck with an AIX compile?

Alternatively is there an easier way? I need to create a standalone
executable that will act as an endpoint, all it needs to do is take a very
simple request and pass back a very simple response. I also tried EasySoap++
which looked promising, and compiled, but did not run correctly on AIX (but
did on other platforms I tried).

Any help at all would be much appreciated!


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