Re: [xml] DTD location help

On Mon, Oct 15, 2001 at 12:01:26AM -0400, tlewis mindspring com wrote:
If I am not mistaken, this is the purpose of catalogs.  I've never used


a catalog, I am unclear on the differences between SGML and XML catalogs,
and I am unfamiliar with the libxml interfaces for handling these issues.
Could anyone point me to some documentation or example code, or provide
some tips, that could clarify this issue for me?  I don't need a catalog
primer as much as I need info/examples on the libxml-specific portions,
but anything would be appreciated.

  In a nutshell:
    - libxml will initiate XML Catalog searches from /etc/xml/catalog
    - Catalogs can (should) be split as a hierachical tree
    - the xmlcatalog tool from recent versions allows to manipulate
      (build/modify/test) XML Catalogs
    - the Catalog doc page covers the technical bits
    - there is an example for DocBook 4.1.2 XML catalogs at
    - the spec is at OASIS, and it simply works
      it is relatively short and readable, enjoy it !


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