[xml] libxml2 and Unicode

1.) I'm looking for a patch for the Interface of the libxml2 functions. For
example xmlSaveFormatFile is defined as the following:

int xmlSaveFormatFile(const char *filename, xmlDocPtr cur, int format);

I need an additional function like

int xmlSaveFormatFileW(const wchar_t *filename, xmlDocPtr cur, int format);

Note: I know, that there's a way of converting Unicode to ANSI filenames,
but this is not perfect on a international system (Think of a japanese or
chinese system)

2.) What happen, if i create a ANSI XML File using libxml2. Than i use
another program, compiled for using the Unicode charset, and call
xmlSetProp(node,(xmlChar*)unicode_name,(xmlChar*)unicode_value); After that
i call xmlSaveFile, but what happen's with the XML File ? Have i to convert
my Parameters for libxml2 to the charset of the XML File ?

3.) Are the any examples, using Unicode in a program and using libxml2 with
ANSI XML Files ?

Andreas Roth
AR Soft
mailto:aroth arsoft-online de

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