[xml] xmlBuildURI/xmlParseURIReference broken in libxml2-2.4.5

Hi Daniel,

        Whilest trying to use libxslt to process XML docbooks I've
realized that xmlBuildURI/xmlParseURIReference is broken in libxml2-2.4.5.
Verify it by calling testURI:

        $ echo extern.xml | ./testURI -base $PWD/any.xml

Instead of printing $PWD/extern.xml an error message is printed.

        The problem was easy to locate: xmlParseURIReference first tries
to parse the string passed as absolute ref. When this failes
xmlParseURIReference falls back to the relative uri parser.

        Unfortunatly xmlParseAbsoluteURI destroys the content of the str
argument when it realizes that the string passed doesn't start with a
scheme token.

        The patch attached should fix the problem.

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Attachment: libxml2-2.4.5-uriref.patch
Description: xmlBuildURI patch

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