Re: [xml] bug in xmlSetProp?

On Sat, Nov 24, 2001 at 05:24:11PM -0500, Anthony Liguori wrote:
this wouldn't be bad, but in the interim it is deleting memory.  It is
thereby making many, many assumptions about the nature of the buffer that's
being passed in.

  Yes, the assumptions being that this string is safe for access during
the whole operation. Not the case in the example you raised.

It's not really about putting in a check to allow better use of the internal
data structure, but just about a better design of the function.  Here is
another patch that is a total rework of the logic of the function.  There is

  There is some good fixes in it

actually another problem in this function in how it handles a NULL node
argument.  This patch also addresses that bug.  I understand that this is a

  I think your handling of value == NULL is actually broken and would
break handling of HTML documents. You have a chance to defend your patch
by stating what you thought was broken and explaining you you think you
fixed it. Then I will actually be able to tell you if you're wrong or
right :-)
  I won't take patches saying "I think something was broken" and not explaining
why and how, it's a large project as you noticed and I need to be careful,
I'm sure you understand :-)


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