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Subject: Re: build libxml-1.8.9 on cygwin

On Sat, May 26, 2001 at 09:11:43PM +1000, Robert Collins wrote:
Hi, the attached patch allows libxml to build properly on cygwin.

I've moved the #ifdef WIN32 conditionals to acconfig.h , allowing
files that include config.h to get the
#ifdef WIN32
#include "win32config.h"
... config.h content

I then changed the #ifdef WIN32 to
#if defined (WIN32) && !defined (__CYGWIN__).

I figured that as there was a win32config.h.in, then a dumy config.h
would be created when you create your win32config.h.

If this doesn't seem the right way to you, I'm happy to revisit

  Yes I'm afraid it will destroy the build for Microsoft and other
compilers. Please subscribe and post it to the mailing-list

I'm not sure how it will break any compiler. Something is being used to
generate win32config.h from win32config.h.in, pre MS compiler being

As long as that generation also creates a config.h, (even a dummy one
with #include "win32config.h") the MS compiler will be unaffected.





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