RE: [xml] Release of libxml-2.3.9

Hello there.

I'm not sure this is the right place to write it, but
I try.

If 'it' is something about libxml, this place is as right as it can only

This is really easy to
fix, but who is the Windows guy for libxml?

There is no such guy. This being an open source project, everyone who
can post a working improvement to the code is the guy of the day. Other
than that, if 'this' is easy to fix, then go ahead. Don't forget to post
the patches, be the guy of the day.

There also some conversions that are not handled

Really? Where? But remember: A conversion from one data type to another
is bad only if it produces wrong results at runtime. If all the evil a
conversion causes is nothing more than a warning issued by MS compiler,
then it is just ugly. As long all the girls in the beach bar are
beautiful, I can live with ugly conversions :-)

Generating Code...
Creating library...

libxml2.lib - 0 error(s), 10 warning(s)

This '0 error(s)' tells me that the build succeeded. Okay, you have few
harmless warnings, but still you have a working library. Use it, it is
I must admit, I haven't taken a glimpse at libxml since 2.3.6 and since
few mighty voices over here decided to use another XML parser, I am
short on time for libxml. If something has been broken in the Win32/MSCC
build after 2.3.6, I (still) know nothing about it.


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