Re: [xml] Making SAX more useful...

Le 16/05/01 14:19:26, Matt Sergeant a écrit :
At the moment the SAX parser really has second place to the DOM parser
(at least that's my gut feeling),

It's also mine.

Is there a plan to make it a more "first class" interface? At the moment
it's requires a fair amount of custom code to implement parsing
reasonably complex documents.

It shouldn't be much difficult to built a SAX-like interface on top of the
current, expat-like one.
This is just a matter of saving entities, namespace scope, etc in a
In other words, a SAX-like interface would only be a sort of "filter" on
top of the current API.

I thought about implementing that sort of thing when you said in an earlier
message libxml is based on expat, not on SAX, but I have other priorities
for the moment...
Maybe I'll try to do that quick, maybe not...


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