Re: [xml] Feature request: callbacks

On Thu, 15 Mar 2001, Daniel Veillard wrote:

  - Callback signature:
    a few week ago I would have used
    void (*xmlTreeChangeCallback) (xmlNodePtr node);
    but it's clear that Perl binding would require something like
    void (*xmlTreeChangeCallback) (void *user_data, xmlNodePtr node);
    is that sufficient ? I assume user_data would be registered at
    the same time as the set of callbacks.

if node can get at the xmlDocPtr (owner document?), then user_data
shouldn't be necessary, should it? (unless there's no private data storage
in the docPtr).

The problem with the other callbacks is that in a parse phase they don't
recieve anything telling you *which* parse phase you are in (i.e. the
xmlParserCtxtPtr). Same for the XSLT callbacks.


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