RE: [xml] Release of libxml-2.3.4


You are using the wrong project file and thus the wrong C-runtime library.

Use the project file called win32/libxml2/libxml2_a.dsp. It is the only one
which produces something useful at the moment.

By the way, those win32/libxml2/*.dsp files got their line endings converted
from CR+LF style to LF style somehow. That Big Bitch VC++ IDE refuses to
load such file claiming it were not a valid project file, a behaviour beyond
my understanding.

Here, the CR+LF flavoured DSPs are attached to this email, compressed in
order to avoid conversion by some clever mail software underway.


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I can't compile libxm-2.3.4 using VC++. The problem line is:
chars = vsnprintf(str + length, left, msg, args);

at error.c line 166. Any one can show me how to compile it in windows
environment? TIA

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From: "Daniel Veillard" <veillard redhat com>
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Sent: Saturday, March 10, 2001 10:45 AM
Subject: [xml] Release of libxml-2.3.4

  Downloads from or

  Mostly a bug fixes release, especially those introduced in while
optimizing the previous 2.3.3:

   - Fixed bugs #51860 and #51861
   - Added a global variable xmlDefaultBufferSize to allow 
default buffer
       size to be application tunable.
   - Some cleanup in the validation code, still a bug left 
and this part
       should probably be rewritten to support ambiguous 
content model :-\
   - Fix a couple of serious bugs introduced or raised by changes in
       2.3.3 parser
   - Fixed another bug in xmlNodeGetContent()
   - Bjorn fixed XPath node collection and Number formatting
   - Fixed a loop reported in the HTML parsing
   - blank space are reported even if the Dtd content model 
proves that
       they are formatting spaces, this is for XML conformance


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