[xml] document() and import() handlers

OK, so I've got XML parsing and output working to my satisfaction. What I
need now is to be able to have libxslt callback to my application for
document() and xsl:import/include.

I haven't seen any examples of how to do this, and Daniel indicated that
it might be possible to do by messing with the IO stuff, but didn't tell
me anything too precise... So I'm looking for more pointers.

For whatever it's worth, in XML::Sablotron you register a schema handler.
This allows us to set the base to axkit:/path/to/file, and register a
schema handler for "axkit:". Then any relative URI requests go through our
handler, and http or other requests can be handled elsewhere (do you use
libghttp internally for http requests?).

Anyway, pointers would be most welcome.


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