Re: [xml] test command line option -L and -e problem

On Wed, Jun 27, 2001 at 01:19:08PM +0200, Stephane GUIBOUD RIBAUD wrote:
I have encounter a problem while launching the configure
on a Solaris 2.5 because my logging shell is csh and option
'-L' (and '-e') of test is not supported since test is a builtin
for csh.
For csh, '-L' is '-h', but -h is not supported by bash. For '-e',
it seems that there is no such feature in csh.

Workaround: "bash configure" instead of "configure".

  Yep, sorry for this,  Gary Pennington told me about it. Basically
you can remove this section of the it is not used if
you compile from the distribution.


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