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On Tue, Jun 26, 2001 at 01:07:43PM -0700, Monika Baraniuk wrote:

I'v just started to use libxml and I'm trying to parse a DTD. My
understanding is that with libxml I can not interpret the hierarchy of
elements even though that the content specification (what is and isn't
allowed in the document) is included in DTD. Therefore I'm trying to

   I can't understand what you wrote, sorry.
you can parse a DTD with 

  xmlDtdPtr       xmlParseDTD             (const xmlChar *ExternalID,
                                           const xmlChar *SystemID);

write my small parser to interpret the content specification. My

   You should not have to write you own DTd parser libxml has one...

problem is that I did not find any way to access the content
specification. I only receive back the element names, comments and so

Just to clarify I need to access what 'a' element contains in the
following declaration:
<!ELEMENT a(b, c, d*)>

             ^ wron you need a space between a and (

and so I shall get (b,c,d*).

Is there any way to access the content specification?

  xmlElementPtr   xmlGetDtdElementDesc    (xmlDtdPtr dtd,
                                           const xmlChar *name);

Also I noticed that my DTD can NOT include the !DOCTYPE declaration:


  right it's not allowed, read the spec.

Is there any work around for parsing a DTD with !DOCTYPE declaration?

  No this is not XML.


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