Re: [xml] thread safe?

Oh my. Here I've been operating under the belief that libxml is thread-safe
(I wonder where I got that idea).  Can someone point to ways in which it is
not safe, for my enlightenment? Is the nature of the unsafe-ness such that
I can handle it by using a mutex to prevent more than one thread at a time
from entering any of my code (two sections of code) that use libxml or is
it of a more serious nature?

I've gone so far as to be nearly ready to deliver product that uses it in a
multithreaded way, so this revelation has my heart up in my throat.

Details will be appreciated.


Gary Pennington <Gary Pennington uk sun com> on 06/25/2001 04:47:52 AM

To:   Steven James Pulito <spulito givingcapital com>
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Subject:  Re: [xml] thread safe?

Neither is thread-safe.
Steven James Pulito wrote:
What is the status of limxml and libxslt as far as thread safety??


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