Re: [xml] parsing bug

On Mon, Jun 25, 2001 at 11:04:01PM +0100, Prashanth Naidu wrote:

libxml2 wrongly attempts to parse text within a script block. The attached
html file is well formed, but testHTML gets into all sorts of trouble when

  No can you tell us what makes you believe it is well formed ?? It is
definitely not !

it attempts to parse it.

This seems like a fairly major bug, I'm surprised it hasn't come up earlier.
Hope this is useful.

  Plain wrong ! Read the specification first please before making such
assertions ! You may think libxml should parse this and I have good reason
to say it should not.

   There is an example, in a red box explaining precisely why this is WRONG.

   Sorry, the page is not valid, libxml HTML parser apply the spec to the
letter in this case because script is an ugly escape mechanism and doing
it differently than the spec can lead to all sorts of errors and possibly
security problems. Fix the input if you can, it is definitely wrong.

   htmlParseScript() in HTMLparser.c line 2309

  You should read the specification and the code before making final
statements about something being a bug !


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