Re: [xml] New features (Win32/MSCC build)

On Fri, 8 Jun 2001, Igor  Zlatkovic wrote:

Hi there.

Note: The following applies only to Win32/MSCC platform.

Here are updated sources and project files which add the functionality
introduced since 2.3.6 to libxml2 2.3.10.

As always, the patch to the file libxml2.def.src can be applied as
usual. The project files must be copied over the existing ones in
win32/libxml2. This is the bad thing. These project files must remain in
CRLF format and I don't have access to a tar executable at the moment.
Daniel, sorry, I don't have access to a tar executable right now. If you
cannot read the .zip file, drop me a note and I shall post it again as a
tarball. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Igor, thanks for handling this win32 stuff.  The crlf problems are
solveable, and someone will know how to handle it if you don't figure it 
out first. 

Dave D


Patch for win32/libxml2/libxml2.def.src against libxml2-2.3.10 follows:

diff -r -c libxml2-2.3.10/win32/libxml2/libxml2.def.src
*** libxml2-2.3.10/win32/libxml2/libxml2.def.src      Sat Apr 28
04:35:22 2001
--- libxml2/win32/libxml2/libxml2.def.src     Wed Jun 06 12:50:03 2001
*** 434,440 ****
-     sgmlDefaultSAXHandlerInit
   * strio.h 
--- 434,439 ----
*** 911,913 ****
--- 910,927 ----
  #endif /* LIBXML_XPTR_ENABLED */
+ /* 
+  * DOCBParser.h 
+  */
+     docbEncodeEntities
+     docbSAXParseDoc
+     docbParseDoc
+     docbSAXParseFile
+     docbParseFile
+     docbFreeParserCtxt
+     docbCreatePushParserCtxt
+     docbParseChunk
+     docbCreateFileParserCtxt
+     docbParseDocument
+ #endif /* LIBXML_DOCB_ENABLED */

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