Re: [xml] Segfaults on FreeBSD when using XPath....

On Thu, Jun 07, 2001 at 09:42:05PM +0200, Gabriel Ambuehl wrote:

Hello David,
Thursday, June 07, 2001, 9:21:48 PM, you wrote:

Running it in a debugger shows that path->nodesetval->nodeTab is

You should probably check all pointers for NULL before you attempt
to de- reference them.

1) It isn't my own code, I found it on the list and assumed it would
2) How should I find a NULL ptr when there is
   without any params?

In my very case, I don't even get to the path line because it crashes
during the xmlXPathInit() call...

No it doesn't.  Do a printf("a\n") after the xmlXPathInit() call.  It's
crashing DURING your print, not before.


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